Instagram Captions

This is by far the most asked question we get: “What should I caption?”

Our response is simple – imagine you’re talking to a friend and describing (your post). That’s how your captions should be. Very natural, simple, and exciting. This way whoever comes across your post, whether they follow you or not, can feel like you are friendly and approachable. It’s also important to keep it authentic and real to your interests and style – if you like using emojis, do it. If you like extendiiiiingggg your words to exaggerate, do it. Whatever your style is, be you.

Our recommended caption structure is as follow:

First sentence with an interesting sentence or few words that are relevant to the post.

Call to action based on what you want the reader to do (ex. visit my website, contact me, follow me, DM me) and make sure your username is also a part of this section.

and end with #hashtags


Captions are your opportunity to build a bond with the reader. We hate to tell you, but the majority of people only read the first line and move on, however, it’s important you still put effort in because you just never know who where what will happen by sharing meaningful and purposeful words.

Whatever your purpose is on instagram, make sure you build yourself a strategy that is synchronized, this is part of our DNA when it comes to account management for clients – we always make sure that all of our captions are coming from their voice. This way we can ensure authenticity and realness instead of making the account look like it’s a blog or managed by a social media manager. EVEN if your account is a blog, don’t be shy to personalize it – it’s the best way to stand out and be unique in a platform full of copy caters. Instagram captions are actually one of the most searched keywords on google, and the easiest way for you to write your next caption is to think how you would explain your post to a friend.

Good luck 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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