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Meet the Butlers

Grambutler is a team of highly skilled and ambitious individuals with a common goal and vision. We are obsessed with instagram as a sales, marketing, and networking channel and have a strong belief that instagram is by far the most dominant social media channel for brand building and lead generation. Our team members are located all over the world so we cover all time zones and are all extremely educated with all of instagrams tools. Furthermore, we manage our own accounts as a team, so all of the services we provide others, we use internally with tremendous success on a daily basis! The grambutler team is behind the some of the most dominant accounts on instagram including @houses.

Nima Ghassemi On Building Grambutler and Skyrocketing His Brand and Business Through Instagram


Grambutler was founded by Nima due to a lack of quality services in the digital / social media marketing industry, there’s no easier way to put it. We never planned to launch this company as a service provider for others, we simply needed help growing our own accounts and were fully dedicated to using instagram to network and build our businesses. We had so much trouble in the beginning (wasted so much time and money) trying to find people who claimed to be ‘experts’ to help us grow our instagram presence but nobody delivered. Grambutler was born in 2016 as an agency that focused on growing our own accounts, and as we produced results we realized that we have the skills, team and knowledge to help any business or individual in the world use instagram as a sales and marketing channel. In our first year in business we grew our own accounts more than 2 million followers and worked with more than 50 accounts that saw tremendous results from our services; that’s when we knew we had something big in the works.

After a very successful first year, we expanded our team across North America, Europe, and the Middle East, and we invested every dollar we made back into our own accounts growth and team expansion; we launched packages including unlimited promotions on our accounts and 24/7 live coaching and support when no other company was offering anything near what we did everyday. We believe in loyal and result based customer service and for us, the relationships we build come first. Alongside our intensive knowledge and promotional power on instagram, we take pride in caring for real results and going above and beyond for our clients and partners (sometimes beyond instagram), and this is why we have been able to build a global company within our first 3 years. We are fully committed to working on our projects every single day and treat our partners accounts as our own. Before instagram, we were business owners trying to find a way to reach our target audience online and we understand the power of instagram for business first hand as a user, so we naturally fell into this company and its services through passion and action! In 2018, Grambutler reached a major milestone of 250 clients with a 95% monthly renewal rate, 3 million followers on our own accounts, and a team of 5 full time individuals who were all in. Now in 2020, we have grown our company to over 30 team members, over 500 clients, and more than 10 million followers on our own accounts. As amazing as those numbers are, we still maintain our standard of one-on-one relationships with every single client, and we understand that the success of our company depends on our ability to produce real results.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our story, it’s been an exciting journey and we are extremely excited to continue building on our vision. We hope we can bring value to you and your business and continue to evolve our real life stories together.